Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Web, Email & Database Hosting
Website Design & Development
Email Marketing

Web, Email & Database Hosting

Q. What is the best hosting plan for me?
A. Piiixel normally recommends its clients to start with the basic or standard plan. For medium to large companies and business, we recommend the enterprise plan.

Q. How long does it take for my website to be ready?
A. Within 24hours, all your email accounts, domain and initial website mainpage or landing page will be created, then progress will be done on the other sections of the site.

Q. Do you create multi lingual websites?
A. yes, Piiixel creates website with any language the client requires. Most of our clients to-date require either an english website or an english & arabic website. Support for other languages is also available.

Q. How secure is my website?
A. We implenet two firewall system on our infrastructure and use industry standard security tools. We guarantee 99.9% uptime for our clients websites.

Q. Can i access my data and is it backed up?
A. Yes, some our clients require direct access to their code files and data on our servers. we do provide this service where our client can access his/her files at any point in time.
As for backup, all of our cleint data is mirrored on other storage drives, so no data should be lost in case of any issues may arise.

Q. What type of Databases do you provide?
A. Piiixel Provides MSSQL (2003 /2008R2), MYSQL databases in various location around the world based on your preference.

Q. How do I access my Database?
A. Piiixel will send you an email with all access credentials to have master access on the database, you can change this password at a later stage.

Q. How can i be sure that my database is backed up?
A. Piiixel saves all its clientes database on daily basis, with a backup retention period for the last 8 days, which means you can retreive a snapshot of your database at anytime in the last 8 days, or use the daily backups if you need an older than 8 days Database.

Website Design & Development

Q. What type of websites Piiixel develops?
A. Piiixel develops busniess, corporate, social and personal websites.

Q. What type of content can the site contain and would i be able to update it?
A. Your website can contain any type of content whether text, images, feeds, media (video & audio), interaction with your user...etc

Q. If i have an already made design or design idea would Piiixel be able to cater it to develop my website?
A. Of course, Piiixel has an open concept when it comes to design. We encourage our clients to give us feedback with what design concept they have in mind or if they have already a sample they want to implement. Also, Piiixel provides various design concepts for its client, if the client doesnt have a design idea in mind.

Email Marketing

Q. I want to send an email shot for 100k emails in Jordan, how can i start?
A. Starting is very simple, either fill in the form here, or simply call us so we can take all the info you need.

Q. After I call Piiixel or submit the online Purchase form, how long does it take to start my email marketing campaign?
A. Piiixel will instantly start your campaign based on the date and time you have provided.

Q. Does Piiixel create me an advertisement design for my email shot if i dont have one?
A. Yes, Piixel will create a design for you based on your needs and will send it to you first for approval before sending it out.

Q. I have my advertisement design ready with me, how can i have Piiixel use it?
A. You have the option to either upload your advertisement through our Email marketing purchase form or you can also email it to Piiixel and we will instantly start your campaign based on the date and time you have provided.

Q. How can i track my campaign progress and results?
A. Piiixel will email you a link that contains a detailed report showing your campaign views and results.

Q. What i track in the report?
A. the report will help you tracking how many users have received the email, how many has actually opened it, also if you have specific links on the email, the report will also track those links and how many times the links were clicked.